Bit by a Hornady bullet

By Dustin Duffy

November 7, 2013

I'm in Texas so y'all know we use feeders, at 3:50 pm this Texas 8 pt walks by my feeder then into the woods where I couldn't see him. At 3:56 I have 3 does under my feeder waiting for it to go off. At 4 it goes of they munch for a good 30 minutes then look to the west where the 8 pt came from earlier and go into the woods. 5 minutes go by and here come 2 mature does right to my feeder. 2 minutes later big boy comes nose on the ground the same path the does came he gets over the fence not ever looking up or looking at me and he gets on the back end of one of the last does and I had a perfect shot at 100 yds through two sets of fences. Didn't like my odds but I had to shoot. I shot he ran twenty yards stopped then disappeared I thought I missed as it seemed he ran over the creek bank. I got up ran to the bank and there he was laying dead. Yesterday was a dream day for me when my 8 pt got bit by a hornady bullet 150 gr double lung shot!!!

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