Bison with the .450 Bushmaster

By John Daily

January 7, 2017

This year I drew a Wyoming cow bison license after several years of applying. Most of the time, the bison hang out in Grand Teton National Park and cannot be hunted there. A few are taken in National Forest lands outside the Park nut need heavy snow to get them to come down to the National Elk Refuge where a hunter on foot has a chance of getting one. Bottom line on this hunt is that my daughter Jennifer and I made a push to get a cow bison on January 2, 2017. After a slog of four to five miles in the heavy snow, this one presented itself and fell to a single shot from the ,450 Bushmaster at about 150 yards. The heart was destroyed by the Flex-Tip bullet and she died quickly. She will be enjoyed by many on the family this year!

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