Big Walker Buck

By Michael Davidson jr

February 16, 2013

November 1998-Michael jr. & I went to the top of Big Walker Mt. the Little Creek section in Pulaski VA deer hunting. I was told by the game checking station man the day before that the biggest 8 pointers he had seen in years were being checked in. He also told me they were being killed on the tops of the mountains. I went home that evening & told my son Michael jr. we were going to the top in the morning.

It was about 15 degrees that morning & the whole mt. was covered in ice - so much that the trees were hanging down with it. After an hour & a half climb we decided that going back to the bottom would ruin our days hunt so we stayed. I dropped him off at my favorite rock & went about a 100 yrds. farther to another rock. These rocks are the size of houses with steps up them for a easy climbing so the game doesn't even know you're there.

At 8:15 a.m. a shot rang out. Before I could get back to where my son was I could hear him celebrating & for good reason. It is the biggest buck hanging on our wall to date & believe me I've got some dandys myself.

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