Best-kept secrets

By Ed Clapper

October 8, 2020

Every once in a while, we stumble upon a product that surprises us in a very positive manner. In cases like that, we often consider such products as "the best-kept secret in the _____ business." In this case, that blank would be filled with the word, "accuracy."

I have many Remington Model 700s and most deliver splendid accuracy but three of them failed to deliver the one-ragged-hole groups I seek from all my rifles. The first is a .25-06 that shot a another manufacturer's 90-grain bullet into three-quarter inch three-shot 100-yard clusters. After trying more bullet and powder recipes than I care to admit, I tried the Hornady 90-grain GMX bullet and was rewarded with a 0.416" group and 3,511fps velocity with a powder charge a full grain under maximum! I guess that bullet's bore-sealing claims are real.

Always the skeptic, I decided to try the 139-grain GMX in my .280 Ackley Improved. I was very pleasantly surprised with a 0.367" group at 3,344fps - smack-dab in 7mm REM MAG territory, again without a maximum powder charge. That rifle shot half-inch groups with a more costly 140-grain offering before.

The one rifle that always disappointed me the most is a .300 Short Action Ultra Mag that refused to shoot groups under an inch. As the photo shows, your 150-grain GMX fixed that problem with its 0.377" group at 3,298fps; that's 300 WIN Mag velocity! One correction to the data in that photo - the primer was a Federal GM 215M, not the BR-2 listed.

In short, I think your GMX line of bullets is the best-kept secret in the accuracy business!

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