Arizona late September Bull Elk hunt.

By Ron R.

October 5, 2020

Late September in Sunny Arizona, myself and my 2 sons have rifle Bull elk tags in our pockets. Game and Fish only allow 25 permits for this trophy bull hunt annually, and we drew 3 of them!!!

Opening morning and I pass up a small bodied but nice 5x5 rack. Figured day one of a 7 day hunt, i could do better. STUPID STUPID STUPID!! Never got another chance.

Second morning my oldest son who had never gotten a bull before drops a real nice 6x6 about 850lbs. He was shooting a .308 loaded with a 165 grain Interbond at about 2700 fps. About 150 yards broadside, double lung shot. He ran about 40 yards and dropped dead, ( the elk. not my son ). Bullet was recovered just under the hide on the opposite side. The interbond bullet mushroomed nicely, no core separation, and retained 82% of its weight.

Day 3 my other son shot a big 5x5 weighing about 650lbs with his 7mm-08 loaded with a 154 grain Interbond. Also about 150 yards. Same results. One shot, ran about 50 yards and dropped. The bullet exited and was not recovered. The Interbond did exactly what it was supposed to do for 2 quick humane kills.

Hornady, please do not stop making the Interbond. It's an amazing bonded bullet at a reasonable price.

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