9mm Bruin

By Robert Flemings

December 19, 2021

2021 was below average for the amount of bears seen, but was successful as far as harvest go. My buddy Tommy T., and I started the year by heading out to North West Montana for the spring bear season. We were able to locate a handful of nice bears where Tommy harvested his first bear ever. Then it was back home to Vermont with our fall season opening September 1st. I was running dogs with My close friends, and we had a split run, we were on a particular bear we had had some history with being aggressive, and not wanting to tree. The bear entered back into the standing corn, and the decision was made to harvest this bear. We entered the corn and headed across the field towards the sound of the hounds, the bear was about 30' in front of the dogs when she decided to turn and come directly towards us, I knelt down and as she passed through the row we were in I shot her twice in the heart at 15 yards with my M&P Pro-core 9mm using 115 grain Hornady XTP custom hand loads. The bear died less then 20 yards from where I shot her.

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