9.3 x 62 Ruger Hawkeye African

By Alan Olson

December 12, 2012

I had this Ruger now for a couple of months and it shoots like a ball of fire. The Ruger is topped with a Trijicon 3x9 Accupoint with red triangle. My rifle shoots about anything I've run through it but the Hornady 9.3/.366 diameter 286 grain Spire point over a load of Big Game powder is just plain hard to beat for consistant accuracy. I love to reload and have a large variety of bullets of various weights and brands but the Hornady just plain stands out!

This photo was taken at the range. The 3-shot group was from a clean and cold bore. Although, it doesn't seem to matter when the rifle gets hot!

Love the Hornady 286 grain!

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