8 yr old - 250 lb hog

By Brooks Cumpton

January 17, 2013

I recently purchased my 8 year old triplets a .223 rifle for hunting. After sighting in the rifle with Hornady Zombie Max bullets, we went to the fields.

On Saturday, January 12, 2013 we were in a shooting house waiting patiently on the deer to move in when we saw this huge black hog about 700 yards away. My son, Brooks, decided to shoot the hog because the sun was setting.

All alone, he staged his rifle, cocked the hammer, and put the hog in the cross hairs. I heard the safety click off and he pulled the trigger. To all of our amazement, the large hog fell in his tracks.

I must say, I was skeptical of the .223 and even a little more hesitant about the Z-Max ammo until now!!! 130 yard shot at a moving target and dropped a 245 lb hog in his tracks. Great 1st Kill for Brooks!

Thanks HORNADY for the great products (and memories) you make!
Proud Dad

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