444 marlin "The Hog-Hammer"

By Brian Horton

December 11, 2012

A few weeks ago, A local landowner contacted me, and asked if I would come out to his place and see if I could kill a large boar hog that was polluting one of the ponds on his property. I said I'd try to get him, and the next day I went out there with my son to look around the pond and see where he was coming from.

There were two major game trails and lots of sign around the pond, so I figured this should be easy enough so long as we work the wind right. I set my boy up the first evening, and he killed a nice boar in about 30 minutes, but not the one we were after. The next weekend my boy wasn't hunting with me, so I set up on the creek behind the pond so I could work the wind in my favor, and see a little more of the game trail.

Right at dark, sure enough, I saw a good one coming in, and I let him have a round through the front shoulder when he got just right. it knocked him down, and I figured it was all over, but to my surprise, he was able to get about halfway up and thrash around enough to wind up dead in the middle of the pond. I had to wade out there and get him out and it took me and my dad an hour. The next day we went back and I dragged him out of the woods with my 4-wheeler and dad took this picture.

I don't know what he weighed, but he was a dandy. The kicker of it is, that landowner saw him, and he said "that's a good one, but he ain't the one I saw." So I guess I'll go back out there and keep hunting by that pond, maybe I'll get him. This is the biggest one I've ever killed with my 444 , but I've never lost one with it yet, and they usually don't get back up, either.

Love those LEVERevolution bullets too. I've also taken lots of deer with Hornady interlock bullets, they work, plain and simple.

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