3 Gun Therapy

By Julie Waasted

May 21, 2015

Due to medical complications from brain surgery, I woke up blind in my right eye. I decided after 2 years of feeling sorry for myself to get up and relearn how to shoot Left handed.

I have spent this past year shooting 3 Gun Nation regionals and enjoying life again. About a month ago, I decided to get serious about my equipment. I purchased a new 1x6 Z6 scope and a friend said to try out the 223 REM 55g FMJ by Hornady I went to the southern regionals in Hoover AL. not too confident with my scope since I had just put it on the week before the match. Loaded up my mags with the Hornady 55g and headed out to the match.

A ballistics calculator can only give you estimates, what I found out that day is that the Ammo you put into your rifle for long ranges make the difference. On my first long range stage we had MGM flashers out to 380 yards. My first shot was dead on hit at 380 yards!!!

I proceeded to hit all of my long range one for one. The feeling of accomplishment hearing one shot, one hit on the timer was one of the best feelings in my shooting career. I finished out the stage with confidence. Due to a stage reset issue I had to gear up and re shoot the stage again, I am please to say I went one for one again on all of the long range steel and flashers. 16 long range 16 hits. This was a first for me ever. Usually I needed a 1-3 shots to find the target.

On to the next stage with flashing targets out to 420, again with the confidence in my ammo I was able to go one for one (exception I threw one shot I pulled the trigger before I was on target, I did make it up on the next shot).

Fast forward one week, I had a local carbine match this past week. I only had about 60 rounds of Hornady ammo left. I grabbed the mismatched 223 ammo can from my garage as well as the last of the Hornady ammo and headed to the range. Let me tell you I noticed the difference on the first long range steel we had 300 yards. Miss again miss, I took out the mag and threw in the mag with the Hornady ammo and first shot Hit!

I have learned my lesson, from now on the ONLY ammo that I will be practicing with as well as shooting matches with will be the Hornady ammo. Thank you for making such a great product!

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