250gr. FTX...Bad Medicine for Deer!

By Shaun

March 13, 2014

I have long been a fan of the XTP bullets for my revolver, and also for use with Sabot's for my Muzzleloader. When I decided to take advantage of the new Deer Regulations in my state a few years ago, that opened up to the use of "Rifles", depending on caliber. Me being a fan of .45 caliber bullets, the choice to build a custom 450 Bushmaster bolt action was born. I hand load all of my rifle and pistol ammo, and this project was no exception. With my 24" barrel, and load data straight out of Hornady's manual (and NOT a maximum charge), this sends a 250gr. FTX down range thru my chronograph at 2314fps. Now, what it does to deer....well, IF you have to follow a blood trail, it's short, and VERY easy to follow. Great cartridge, Great bullet! Thanks Hornady!

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