2022 whitetail

By Chris Thompson

February 21, 2023

This buck scored 132-7/8...not a monster but a great hunt! I had my new Hornady blaze orange hat (thank you Canada Brass!), my favourite Weatherby in 30-06, and the handloads this gun loves. My whitetail load is Hornady cases holding a Hornady 150grain SST on top of IMR4895. After 3 days of sitting in the same blind with no activity, on the afternoon of Nov 18th a doe came crashing out of the bush just 50 yds to my left. I spotted the rack coming through the bush and was immediately getting the gun to the window. The doe came towards me at a run and then cut back into the bush - with the buck hard on her tail. My shot found it's mark on this buck at a dead run and he went down 20 yds later. On cleaning the deer, I was amazed at the wound inflicted by this bullet.

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