2021 Washington State Mule Deer Hunt

By Tracy DeLozier

October 28, 2021

Day 5 of the 2021 Washington State general deer season, hunting along the Columbia River. I had seen several legal bucks over the previous 4 days and even had one shot in front of me while trying to make a stalk on it. I was set up on a dune near the river when a nice 2X3 buck emerged from the sage brush that covered the flat in front of me. 138 yards, not in a hurry. I set up the shot in a seated position, using my 23” bipod extended fully.

I was shooting my Savage 110T Tactical rifle chambered in 6.5PRC, and topped with a Riton 6-24X50 Conquer scope. The cartridge of choice, Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr ELD-X. I lined up the shot, and pressed the trigger, the shot was true. The buck hunched and I could tell the impact was solid. The buck ran briefly, entering a nearby apple orchard, the recovery was quick. Another successful year for the DeLozier family since my 15 year old daughter Kacy had harvested a nice mature Mulie doe a couple days prior. Hornady continues to come through for our family.

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