2016 whitetail

By Andy Bailey

November 7, 2016

On Tuesday 11/1/2016 I arrived home from work in time to spend roughly 30 minutes glassing my field for deer. I quickly donned my coat, orange vest and hat. After crossing the highway into my hay field I could see three deer at the far end of that field. I used a grove of trees to sneak about 100 yards closer. I had already loaded my Savage model 116 rifle (.270) with three Superformance 140 gr SST bullets. I crept closer for an additional 30 yards before settling for a spot just on the downslope side of a grassy knoll, directly facing the deer. I raised my rifle, got a steady bead and squeezed a shot off at the largest doe in the group. As soon as the bullet arrived, she went down and never moved again.

As always I thank the Lord for assisting with a good steady shot. I thank Hornady for manufacturing a superior bullet that will do it's job time after time. The shot ended up being a little further than I had first thought. After all was said and done, this shot travelled 400 yards, dropped a mature doe in her tracks, and lodged just inside the hide on the exit side of the wound. The bullet mushroomed just right, doing maximum damage at distance, while retaining the bulk of it's original weight.

Thanks again for a fantastic product.

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