2014 Whitetail down!...

By TheLongRanger83702

December 14, 2014

I had been trying to get another manufacturer's bullet for over a year but it was still unavailable. In a pinch I was left with having to "choose" another one. I picked up a box of .30 cal. 178 gr. A-Max's for my Krieger 28" MTU fluted re-barreled Remington 700 in .300 WinMag and loaded them up with 71.5 grains of H-4831sc. When I tested them for accuracy they shot 1/2" and sub groups immediately. I wondered why I waited over a year for the other bullets when these very clearly provided the accuracy I was after all along. I took these up north in Idaho where I hunt Whitetail. Being up on the Palouse I hunt agricultural fields where long shots of 400 yds+ ARE the norm. But these A-Max's gave me the confidence to make those shots. The afternoon of the 10th I ranged a 3 point buck @ 462 yds. BAM! Whitetail down! Meat in the freezer. On the 11th @ 1:30 in the afternoon after a storm blew through the deer were back out. This time the shot was closer, only 167 yds. but still... BAM! Whitetail down! MORE meat in the freezer. I recovered this bullet while field dressing. It performed PERFECTLY. I just picked up a box of 208 gr. A-Max's to reach out farther next year and will test them this morning while chronographing them. I'll let you know how well they shoot later but I expect the same amazing results as the 178's. Thanks to Krieger Barrels and thanks to Hornady for making precision bullets. Nice to know my search for the perfect bullets has ended with Hornady A-Max's. Good hunting and Merry Christmas to all.

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