2014 Archery turned Rifle buck

By Chris Russell

November 20, 2013

Taken with 6.5 Creedmor with handloaded 140gr Amax bullets. Measured at 26" inside spread, 14 1/2" G2's.

I had been chasing this buck for most of the early archery season, and just never been able to get inside 90 yards on him. He was always surrounded by what I came to call his "Harem".

Opening weekend of rifle season came, and saw a huge influx of hunters in the area. I was sure he was going to be shot. Somehow he managed to evade the invading armies of extended families and "sight seeing" non residents just out "for a drive" while clad in blaze orange. After bumping him off of his bed, I was able to get around the section to the hollow I thought he would be heading to. He had beat me there, he flushed, I shot, he expired. A fast and furious end to a chase that had spanned weeks. He almost evaded me once again, almost.....

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