2000 yard impact

By Robert Reed

January 28, 2021

About a month ago a friend and I scouted a spot in the grasslands of Colorado to shoot to a mile and farther. He found a great area of BLM land a little bit north of Greeley that we could responsibility shoot to 2000+ yards. I’ve been working and practicing out to 1000, and was gaining confidence at that range. He, an avid shooter himself has already gone to distance with his 7 saum and told me when I could get cold boar hits at 1000 I should be ready to go the distance.

Challenge accepted! So I went to work with my 7mm WSM refining loads with the 175 grain ELD-X to see what we could do.

A few weeks later and a lot of substantial range time, we met up at the “secret” spot and set up our target. It’s a 24x24 inch plate at 2053 yards. Makes it about a 1 moa target at that distance. After we get all set up we start sending them down range. He (my friend) got 5 on target at a mile with his 6mm brx and I got 5 on consecutively after getting the wind dials in. A 5 mph wind coming from 11 o’clock behind us going to about 4 o’clock was pretty easy to get figured. I used my pst gen2 dialed 50 moa plus the 20 moa rail and held over 18 in the Reticle and boom hit hit hit! Those 175 grain eld-x with a almost 5 second flight time still had enough power at 2000 to make a sound and set the light off.

Man what an experience! He had 3 hits with his 6mm brx at 200 consecutively and I also hit 3 in a row. It went miss miss just over and hit hit hit! If anyone has a chance to go out to distance somewhere I would recommend it.

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