1st Day Deer Hunting

By Collin Palzkill

March 19, 2019

I worked up a load in my 243 using the 100 grain boat tail spire point at 2875 fps. When it came time for my 11 year old son Collin's first day of deer hunting in southwest Wisconsin last fall, he was armed with the previously mentioned rifle and load. The enclosed picture was taken at about 7AM on opening morning. Not bad for a first hunt. Both does were taken at about 100 yards. The first deer was hit in the vitals. The deer went about 25 yards before dropping. The bullet exited after hitting a piece of both lungs and completely destroying the heart. The second deer only presented its head and neck. A shot to the base of the neck dropped it immediately. This was the first time using this load on game. I already knew it was accurate. Now I know that it also leaves nothing to be desired as far as terminal performance goes.

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