13 Point Texas Whitetail

By Philip W Martin

July 6, 2015

In 2014, I was hunting on my 175 acre deer lease at about 7.15 am on the morning of November the 10th. I was hunting a Tree stand that I used for Bow hunting. About 30mins after I got into my stand and getting my Marlin 308 Express all loaded, a large 13 Point whitetail walked out of the trees at around 175 yards. This was the biggest deer that I had seen the whole time I was on this lease. After I had ranged him and set up to take the shot, the deer moved a little. I then set the scope on his shoulder and let the shot go. The 160 grain Flex tip 308 bullet hit him like a truck knocking him down right were he was hit. Great Bullet's.

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