Doug Koenig

Since his start as a professional shooter, Doug has won a wide range of national and world championships, including:

-Victories at the National Action Pistol Championship (11 titles)

-The IPSC World Championship (1 World Championship title)

-The World Speed Shooting Championships (3 titles)

-World All-Around Championship (3 titles)

-World Action Pistol Championship (3 titles) 

"I've relied on Hornady products for over 28 years with the .338" Caliber 225 grain SP for all of my hunting. So, it just made sense to team up with Hornady because their quality and commitment in their manufacturing standards is second to none. When shooting competitively, I'm using their 22 Caliber 52 grain HP bullets for my rifle and the 9mm 115 grain XTP. I can trust the accuracy is going to be there all the time." -Doug Koenig


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