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American Gunner

American Gunner™

The American Gunner™ line is a collection of tried-and-true, versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting, hunting or self-defense needs. Find out more.


  Full Boar

Full Boar™

Full Boar™ ammunition features hard hitting GMX® bullets for deep penetration and maximum weight retention. Find out more.


Critical Defense Lite

Critical Defense® Lite™ 9mm

Critical Defense® Lite™ 9mm Luger is an effective, reduced recoil option for ANY shooter looking to minimize the felt recoil of their lightweight, compact personal protection handgun. Find out more.


  American Whitetail Rifled Slug

American Whitetail® Rifled Slug

Turn your smooth-bore shotgun into a deer hunting machine with the American Whitetail® rifled slug. Find out more.


357 Mag Critical Duty

Critical Duty® 357 Mag

Critical Duty® 357 Magnum meets established FBI protocol standards for penetration and terminal performance through all common urban barriers. Find out more.


  17 Win Super Mag

17 Win Super Mag

From prairie dogs and ground squirrels to coyotes and foxes – the 17 Win Super Mag from Hornady® is a fantastic new option for varmint hunters everywhere. Find out more.


357 Mag Critical Duty

243 Win 75 gr V-MAX® Superformance® Varmint


  17 Win Super Mag

338 Lapua 285 gr A-MAX® Match™




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