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22 ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge)

Perfect Fit, Flawless Functionality

Designed with precision and compatibility in mind, the 22 ARC is tailored to perfectly fit the AR-15 platform. With a maximum overall length of 2.260", this cartridge delivers seamless feeding, flawless functioning, and optimal performance in your AR-15.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Equipped with a 1:7” twist rate, the 22 ARC is engineered to take full advantage of the heaviest 22 caliber bullets. This means tighter groups, increased accuracy, and an exceptional shooting experience.

Born from Excellence

The 22 ARC is the result of careful and meticulous design, following the same proven methodology as the highly acclaimed 6mm ARC. The cartridge and chamber were designed concurrently to ensure consistent and repeatable performance.

The 22 ARC is available in these loads

22 ARC Reloading Essentials

The following 22 ARC items are available in Reloading Essentials or Dies & Accessories.

  • 86162: 22 ARC Rifle Cartridge Case (Unprimed)
  • 380726: 22 ARC (.224) Cartridge Gauge
  • 546213: 22 ARC (.224) Series I Two-Die Rifle Die Set
  • 046440: 22 ARC (.224) Series I Full Length Sizing Die
  • 044102: 22 ARC (.224) Series I Seater Dies
  • A22A: 22 ARC (.224) Modified Case
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What others are saying about the 22 ARC

“The 22 ARC is an extremely capable cartridge designed to excel across a multitude of hunting and shooting endeavors.”
Colton Heward Petersen’s Hunting
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“The 22 ARC is shaping up to be a promising offering from Hornady, playing to the needs of sport shooters and varmint hunters.”
— Guns America
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“The 22 ARC is only the last of a long streak of extremely popular cartridge designs that Hornady introduced to the market … all of which use super accurate and modern bullets with great BC due to the extremely low-drag designs, and there’s no doubt that the 22 ARC will follow suit.”
Franco Palamaro
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“The new 22 ARC design allows the shoulder to be pushed back further, making more room for these heavy caliber bullets. This is a home run in both your AR-15 and your custom bolt action rifle.”
David Henry MDT
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