Impressive performance with ELD-X

By Chuck Baker

October 15, 2021

I used a Hornady ELD-X 270 bullet to take a 838 pound dressed weight bull moose in Maine this fall. Due to circumstances needed to take a head on shot on the bull at range 105 yards. At the shot the bull dropped and my guide commented "he's done." When gutting out the bull we found a lot of blood in the chest cavity, odd for a head shot. Later when breaking it down one of the 4 guides working on the animal found a bullet track in the tenderloin almost at the back end of the bull. We didn't find the bullet but it was obvious to all present that the bullet penetrated almost to the hind quarters. That's at least 5 feet of penetration including going through the skull! One guide asked me "What are you using for a GUN?" When I told him a 270 Winchester with hand loads he just said "unbelievable." I'm totally sold on this bullet needless to say. You're not tipping them with depleted Uranium are you? LOL BTW shot a 5/8" group with these loads.

Thank you Hornady.

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