2021 Washington State Mule Deer hunt.

By Kacy DeLozier

October 28, 2021

15 year old Kacy DeLozier in her 2nd year of big game hunting with her dad Tracy. Kacy was fortunate enough to draw a youth antlerless deer tag for the Washington State 373 GMU unit. On day 2 of the hunt, Kacy saw this mature Mulie doe walking through the sagebrush at a distance determined to be 243 yards. Kacy set up in a prone shooting position with her Ruger American Youth rifle, chambered in 7mm-08 REM. The always trusted load of choice, Hornady Superformance 139gr SST.

Being that this was a doe harvest and after seeing what bloodshot is the year prior, Kacy chose to attempt a head shot to maximize meat preservation. As you can see, the attempt was perfect, the bullet impacted just below the left ear, quickly and humanely dispatching the aging doe. Great shot Kacy.

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