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Tip Design

  • Aluminum tip is precision machined and longer than polymer tips which moves the center of gravity and enhances inflight stability.
  • Aeroballistically advanced tip design results in tighter groups and reduced drag variability.
  • Perfect blend of ogive, tip length, bearing surface and optimized boattail by caliber.


  • Doppler radar verified low drag coefficient (high BC) bullets are forgiving of twist rate, seating depth and muzzle velocity.
  • Refined design of the AMP® bullet jacket offers industry leading uniformity and concentricity.


  • Right off the press – sequentially packaged, one clone after another for the ultimate in consistent performance.
  • Minimal handling throughout the manufacturing process ensures consistency from bullet to bullet.
  • Packaged with a polishing bag to prepare bullets for loading (bullets aren’t bulk washed after manufacture).


In the News

Team Hornady
August 14, 2023

Hornady® A-Tip® Match Bullets Dominate Spearpoint Ranch ELR Series

Grand Island, NE — Hornady® congratulates competitor Jaclyn Bryan on her recent victory at…

March 30, 2023

Hornady® A-Tip® Match Now Holds the Three Furthest Impacts in Competition

Grand Island, NE — The Hornady® A-Tip® Match bullet now claims the top three spots for longest…

March 14, 2023

Hornady® A-Tip® Match Bullets Dominate at Clay's Cartridge PRS Match

Grand Island, NE — Hornady® congratulates sponsored shooters Austin Orgain and Doug Koenig…

February 16, 2023

Hornady® A-Tip® Bullet Named Official Bullet of the 2023 Precision Rifle Series

Grand Island, NE - Hornady® is proud to announce that the A-Tip® Match bullet has been named…

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What Others are saying about A-Tip® Match


"This is an impressive bullet — even more so when you see the results in person. If you’re a handloader interested in PRS, or just long-range accuracy in general, go pick up a 100-pack and give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”
David Herman, American Rifleman
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“For me, the proof was seeing how they shot in real-world conditions. … The winds were fierce, and the targets were fuzzy in the mirage through our scopes, but nonetheless we were able to ring steel at 2,000 yards and beyond.”
John B. Snow, Outdoor Life
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“Hornady A-Tip® rifle bullets are purpose-built to squeeze that last smidge of accuracy and consistency from your rifle.”
Jay Langston, Tactical Life
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“It’s important to remember that these are high-quality components, and in the long-range shooting game, accuracy is priceless.”
Frank Melloni, Shooting Illustrated
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“We were dealing with winds that varied anywhere from 8 to almost 25 mph depending on the time of day. … But my results were amazing with the A-Tip®, and other, better shooters than I had the same assessment.”
Dan Zimmerman, The Truth About Guns
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“It’s much more than just an aluminum tip on an existing bullet profile. The company is offering a truly unique experience for those in pursuit of the finest accuracy … or, better yet, precision.”
Philip Massaro, Gun Digest
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“A moderately skilled long-range shooter like me was able to get onto target every single time and shoot at great distances with extreme accuracy without a whole lot of adjustment of the scope.”
Christian Lowe, Gear Scout
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Scrapbook Stories

Hornady 110 A-Tips =Success

By Bill Hobbs | August 4, 2021

This spring I switched over to Hornady bullets and could not be happier with the results I am getting out of my 6mm Comet (BR Variant). They shot great with very little load development out of my setup.…

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