Keith Garcia

Keith has been a California police officer for 20 years, holding various positions in the department, his favorite being the SWAT team leader. In 2004, Keith started competitive shooting, primarily entering handgun and LEO only SWAT matches. In 2008, he began shooting 3 Gun competitions, and never looked back.

Keith won the first ever "3 Gun Nation" shoot-off at SMM3G in 2010 and repeated in 2011. During the 2012 season he had his first major match victory at the first ever "Pro Series" match in Florida. Keith was pleased to have finished 3rd overall in the Pro Series. Following the Pro Series win, Keith won the 3 Gun National Championship in 2013 and was awarded a $50,000 prize.

"I believe Hornady products have helped me reach a new level in my shooting. The quality and consistency of Hornady ammo is unparalleled!" -Keith Garcia

(Photo by Yamil Sued)

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