CCPA Request

Verified California residents have the right to:

• Request and receive disclosure of Hornady Manufacturing’s practices for collection of personal information during the preceding 12 months. This includes the categories of personal information about you that we have collected, the categories of sources for that information, business purposes for collecting or sharing that information, and categories of third parties with whom we share such information.

• Request and receive a copy of the personal information we have collected about you during the preceding 12 months.

• Request and receive disclosure of our information-sharing practices during the preceding 12 months. This includes a list of the categories of any personal information about you that we sold, the category of third-party recipients and a list of the categories of personal information about you that we disclosed for business purposes.

• Request that we delete (as well as directing our service providers to delete) your personal information subject to certain exceptions. California law allows us to retain certain information and not delete it under certain circumstances. For example, California law does not require us to comply with a request to delete information if that information is necessary for us to complete a transaction on your behalf or otherwise perform a contract; to detect, protect against or prosecute security incidents, fraud or illegal activity; to use the information internally in ways someone would expect as a customer (such as keeping sales records) and to comply with legal obligations.

To respond to your request, we will need to collect information from you to verify your identity and to link the information we have to your verified identity. The verification process helps ensure that we are honoring your requests for information about yourself and not about someone else. You must be 18 years old or older to make a request. For those under age 18, a parent or legal guardian must make the request for you.

You may submit a request through someone holding your formal Power of Attorney. If your agent does not hold formal Power of Attorney, you may submit a request using an authorized agent only if (1) you provide the agent with written permission to make a request and (2) you verify your identity directly with us. A file upload is available in the form below for this purpose.

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