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7mm PRC - a 21st Century 7mm magnum


  • Long-action centerfire rifle cartridge.
  • Long, heavy for caliber bullets with a standard long action delivery.
  • Temperature-stable, magnum speed propellants for consistent velocity and longer barrel life.
  • Factory rifles available or simply swap your barrel on you 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag

The 7mm PRC is available in these loads

Reloading Accessories and Components

The following 7mm PRC items are available in Reloading Essentials or Dies & Accessories.

  • 86404: 7mm PRC Brass Cases
  • 390545: Shell Holder #5
  • 392605: Shell Plate #5
  • B7MMP: 7mm PRC Modified Case
  • 380723: 7mm PRC (.284) Cartridge Gauge
  • 546313: 7mm PRC (.284) Die Set
  • 046306: 7mm PRC (.284) Full Length Die
  • 544319: 7mm PRC (.284) Match™ Grade Die Set
  • 046324: 7mm PRC (.284) Match™ Grade Full Length Die
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What others are saying about the 7mm PRC

"Think of the 7mm PRC like a running back — powerful, efficient and capable of doing many jobs on the field.”
Jim Harmer Backfire YouTube channel
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“For long-range hunting, this cartridge really shines. … Want to shoot an elk at 900 yards with a medium-recoil rifle that you can easily carry around? Well, then a 7mm PRC chambered rifle is the way to go!”
 AJ Load Development
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“With 18.9 inches of drop at 400 yards, the 7mm PRC should be easy to dial in for elk, goat or other game at a distance, with plenty of hitting power behind that long bullet when it gets there.”
Zac Kurylyk Calibre Magazine
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“For many hunters out there, this strikes the perfect balance between bullet weight, velocity and trajectory when paired with high ballistic coefficient bullets.”
Luke C. The Firearm Blog
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