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Extend your range and never compromise at any distance!

The name says it all! The 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge was designed to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, flat trajectory and extended range performance in a sensibly designed compact package.

Utilizing moderate powder charges that result in repeatable accuracy, low recoil and reasonable barrel life, the 6.5 PRC produces high velocities with performance well beyond 1000 yards.

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What others are saying about the 6.5 PRC

When compared side-by-side, the factory figures for the 6.5 PRC beat the 6.5-.284 Norma number’s significantly.
Brad Fitzpatrick Rifle Shooter
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The ultimate expression of better ballistics comes when additional power and flatter trajectory are balanced with tolerable recoil. This is why the new 6.5 PRC cartridge from Hornady is such a big deal.
Richard A. Mann Gun Digest
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All told, the 6.5 PRC is one of the most perfect hybrid hunting/long-range target rounds ever conceived.
Jeff Johnston NRA American Hunter
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Simply put, the 6.5 PRC currently boasts the best all-around performance of any commercial cartridge in the .264 class.
Nolan Osborne Journal of Mountain Hunting
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With its flat trajectory, light felt recoil, absolute pleasure to shoot and exceptional energy downrange, we feel like the 6.5 PRC is going to be the bomb in the True Magnum Adventure Rifle.
James Brion True Magnum
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Utilizing a moderate powder charge, you get repeatable, consistent accuracy with the 6.5 PRC — and low recoil so you can get right back on target.
Mark Kayser Deer & Deer Hunting
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