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Join Seth Swerczek, Hornady Marketing Communications Manager, as we discuss all things hunting, shooting, reloading, and outdoor lifestyle.



Ep. 002
Jason Hornady

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On this episode, we sat down with Jason Hornady, Vice President of Hornady Mfg. We didn't talk a whole lot about manufacturing or the company, but rather what kind of baseball player he was and what kind of car he drove growing up. We discussed his work experience prior to coming back to the family business, and of course we discussed his favorite cartridges and hunts - we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Ep. 001
Steve Hornady

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On this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with the president of our company Steve Hornady. We centered our discussion around Steve himself and less about the company as a whole. Steve was born in 1949, the same year that the company was founded. We talked to him about his childhood, his father and founder of the company, Joyce, as well as his cowboy days and a few of his favorite and most memorable hunts. This conversation gave us an inside look at the life and legacy of Steve Hornady.