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Rifle Bullet Feeder   Bullet Feeder Die

Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder

The new Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder is the latest accessory designed for the Lock-N-Load® AP™ reloading press. Sold as a complete unit for 22 caliber bullets, a conversion kit for 30 caliber bullets is also available, giving the reloader the versatility to load the two most popular calibers. Find out more.

Control Panel

Lock-N-Load® Control Panel

Take full control of your progressive reloading press with the Lock-N-Load® Control Panel. The easy-to-read digital display with multiple sensors allows you to set audible and visual alarms for primer quantity level, and more. Find out more about our Standard & Deluxe models.


  Powder Safeguard Die

Powder Safeguard Die

The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled cartridge cases from 9mm to 45 caliber for no-charge and double charge powder drops. It physically halts the reloading stroke so the user can correct the incorrect charge. Find out more.



Bench Rest Powder Measure Metering Insert

Neck Wall Thickness Gauge


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