Massive 12 Pointer

By Mikey-D

December 29, 2016

Took this 12 pointer this year with my Remington 270 here in south east Virginia. It was a cold morning in Nov. about 7:30 am saw a few does in the field kinda looking behind themselves and a 8 pointer stepped out got the gun on him and I heard something behind me so I froze. Still looking at this buck in front of me thru the scope and afraid to make a move I noticed the 8 pointer getting a little yancy. About 5 min. went by all of a sudden I could hear a heavy breathing right behind my tree stand and this massive 12 pointer stepped out. I guess he was not having that other buck hounding his does so he takes of toward him when I finally was able to get a look at him almost soiled my shorts. I watched the 2 square up but the 8 pointer wanted nothing to do with him and eased on out of the field. He was about 150 yrds out and once my heart settled down I put him in the cross hairs and the super performance hornady sst 130 gr. did their thing buck dropped got up and ran about 20yrds and feel over in a hedge row. This is the biggest buck I have ever seen in my time in the woods and I hope not but probably the biggest I will ever see thanks hornady for making the the truth when it comes to ammo will use nothing else.

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