Aoudad medicine brought to you by the Hornady ELD-X

By Ray Tribble

April 27, 2016

It was a great morning as I glassed the south Texas hill country's limestone ridges. I was scanning the opposite canyon wall when I noticed that someone was starring back at me. The aoudad ram was certain he was safe and indicated no sign of being in a hurry as we gazed at one another from 714 yards distance. I was not moving (much) and I also had the advantage of 10X binoculars and this guy looked at me as if we were across the dinner table and deciding who was getting the last chicken leg. I am amazed at their vision. I could tell that this was an old ram and he had beautiful chaps blowing in the mild 8 MPH breeze. So I settled in prone behind my Barrett 98B and chambered a 200 grain ELD-X 300 Winchester Magnum reload and set the safety. He continued to look straight on at me for almost ten minutes, then finally turn to his left and presented a broadside shot. I had already verified the range, dialed my 5-20X50mm Huskemaw Blue Diamond scope to the correct setting on the turret and gave it just a tad over 3 minutes for wind when I sent the bullet down range. I almost recovered from the dust blown up by the muzzle brake when I heard the bullet hit. I then watch him roll down the face of the canyon for seventy plus yards before he came to a stop wrapped around a juniper.

An hour later I had made my way down the canyon side I was on, back up to the ram and drug him back to the bottom. The bullet left a golf ball sized exit hole right behind the shoulder and performed perfectly. These bullets are amazing, plan and simple. It passed through a rib on both sides and the terminal damage inside was very impressive. I love it when no tracking is needed.

Thank you again for releasing this bullet. I still have many Hornady bullets on my reloading shelf... But these will be my main hunting and target load. Now to work up something for my 7mm STW.

See you by the camp fire,
Ray Tribble
Sealy, TX

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