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January 2, 2018 by Bill W.

Reloading room is taking shape

I just wanted to post about how much I like Hornady. As you can see, I made out like a bandit…

December 30, 2017 by Christian

First Buck

I hunted for 12 years to get a good buck and this year was my year. My day started surrounded…

December 29, 2017 by Scott

One and Done

Cold. Typical northern New York deer hunting weather. One deer ran, one stopped to look around.…

December 26, 2017 by Savannah

Flatline Swine

Sunset. Hornady. One and done.

December 17, 2017 by Bob paddock

The addiction

It is amazing the sound made by Hornady's 143 ELD on steel at 1000 yards. This sound…

December 17, 2017 by Ron Hammond

Sport shooter

I am mostly a sport shooter, I enjoy shooting for accuracy, pistols and rifles. My favorite…

December 13, 2017 by Robert Criss

Dropped in tracks

On December 09 2017 I was hunting the final day of gun season in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.…

December 7, 2017 by Brent Parker

Buck of a Lifetime

I wasn't able to get out hunting until 6 days after the season started. Upon arriving…

December 6, 2017 by Andy Tillman

.308 Winchester Pro Hunter. G7 BC as good as claimed!!!

The G7 BC of the ELD-X bullet is very close to what is advertised. I shot twenty of the precision…

December 4, 2017 by Shane

My biggest Muley so far!

I had two deer tags this year. Filled my doe tag on opening morning with my new Tikka 7mag…

December 3, 2017 by Bill Carr

Hornady saves the season

Time was limited to go hunting this year. After hitting one low and not recovering the deer…

December 3, 2017 by Travis Allen

35 Rem SST round smokes a big doe

A 4 minute video of a hard hitting SST round

November 29, 2017 by Scott

first big buck

hi my name is Scott im from from Manchester TN. i shot my buck opening day of rifle season…

November 27, 2017 by Joshua Ryan

Thick cover six

Second day of gun in thick cover had been trying to get this buck all bow season. He came and…

November 25, 2017 by Rick Messick

Hornady Buck

This is my 3rd season hunting and I finally got my Buck! The past two years I've hunted…

November 22, 2017 by Andy Bailey

My 2017 Whitetail

The date was Saturday 11/11/2017. I arrived at my stand around 02:30 in the afternoon and…

November 17, 2017 by Anthony Amity

Long range 223

Local range shooting .223 75gr ELD-Match in my Savage 10 FCPK. 22” 1:9 twist barrel. Targets…

November 16, 2017 by Ben C.

Goodnight Molly

On the 3rd year I applied for a cow moose hunt I was fortunate to draw one of the five tags…

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