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Primer and Powder Level Sensors

Level Sensor works in conjunction with the Lock-N-Load Control Panel, and is easily adjustable to signal an alarm when the primer tube level and powder hopper reach the preferred depth for a reminder.

Photo of Primer Level Sensor

Primer Level Sensor

Item #044654
Photo of Powder Level Sensor

Powder Level Sensor

Item #044653
Photo of Powder Safeguard Die

Powder Safeguard Die

Item #044652

The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled pistol cartridge cases from 9mm to 45 caliber for no-charge and double-charge powder drops. It physically halts the reloading stroke so the user can correct the incorrect charge.

If used in conjunction with the Lock-N-Load® Control Panel, the user is alerted of incorrect powder levels on the digital display. The Powder Safeguard Die is also compatible with other reloading presses using 7/8"–14 die threads. Some components are compatible with other progressive reloading presses.

Photo of Lock-N-Load® Light Strip

Lock-N-Load® Light Strip

Item #044660

Light up your press with the Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Light Strip. With an adhesive backing, the Lock-N-Load® Light Strip can be used on any press or location on your reloading bench for extra light to help eliminate shadows, making safety and quality checks easier than ever.

The Lock-N-Load® Light Strip features LED lights for a long life and plugs into a standard 110V outlet or Lock-N-Load® Control Panel.