Product Features

Aluminum Hopper Tube & Cap

The aluminum hopper won't develop a static charge, unlike plastic hopper units. When working with blackpowder, it's critical to avoid static electricity and any kind of sparking.

Extremely Tight Tolerances

The near .002" tolerance eliminates binding of powder between the frame and drum for smooth operation with coarse blackpowder.

Brass Metering Unit

The metering unit adjusts from 10 to 110 grains in ten grain increments when used with FFG Black Powder. Other sizes of blackpowder, Pyrodex™ and Triple 7™ will drop different amounts. It is MANDATORY to confirm charge weight.

Find the right dies & accessories to complete your reloading project.

  • Dies & Die Accessories
  • Case Feeder Plates
  • Bullet Puller Collets
  • Trimmer Pilots
  • Shell Holders & Shell Plates
  • Primer Punch / Decapping Pins
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Bushing Adapter

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Threads on to the metal plate that holds your Powder Measure so you can easily move it in and out like you would with the Lock-N-Load® bushing system. Compatible with the Fast Load Powder Measure Stand.

Black Powder Metering Assembly

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