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1" groups at 100 yards.

No Lube

Copper jacket eliminates lead fouling and controls expansion.

Hard Hitting

Patented Flex Tip™ design delivers devastating terminal performance at any range.

No Skirt

No need for a plastic "skirt"

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Photo of Ramrod Tips

Ramrod Tips

Item #6679

Our Our muzzleloading ramrod tips are specially designed to protect the tip of Hornady SST®-ML™, MonoFlex® ML™, and FPB® bullets. These ramrod tips eliminate damage to the ogive while seating the bullet.

Scrapbook Stories

Wainwright muzzleloader hunt Alberta

By Andrew Kormos | April 1, 2018

Finally got drawn for a LEH on a military base here in Alberta, Canada. Using my T/C encore 50 cal muzzleloader shooting 300 gr Hornady FPB bullets I was fortunate to harvest 2 great bucks. A whitetail…

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