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Boars, bears and bulls beware!

Proven GMX® Bullets

These monolithic copper alloy bullets deliver uniform, controlled expansion and 95%+ weight retention for deep penetration and superior terminal performance. They are also California compatible and appropriate for use in areas that require non-traditional bullets.

Quality Components

Like every Hornady® product, Full Boar® ammunition uses the highest quality powder, cases and primers available. Propellants are matched to each load to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, volume and consistency from lot to lot.

Versatile Performance

Available in a variety of popular calibers, Full Boar® ammunition can be used on a variety of game, providing excellent fit, feed and function in ARs and other semi-autos.

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caccia di selezione al cinghiale - Selection hunt for wild boar

By emanuele | August 6, 2018

Come al solito sono uscito per fare la caccia al cinghiale. Quando sono arrivato all'appostamento lo avevo avvistato ad una distanza di 255 m con la cartuccia hornady full boar da 165 gr cartuccia mia…

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