Thomas Glas

Hornady-sponsored shooter, Thomas Glas, started shooting air pistol 25 years ago, but now he’s a top contender in big bore handgun matches. Thomas belongs to three of Germany’s most renowned confederations (BDS, BDMP, and DSB), where he has enjoyed abundant success in big bore handgun competitions.

Glas holds over 40 national target titles in falling plate and speedshooting in the BDS. He’s a national title holder and top-three finisher in the BDMP, including a third place finish in the Bianchi Cup Metallic Class at the 2006 World Championships in Australia. He’s a European champion in NPA shooting, and is a repeat top-three finisher in PP1 at the German Open championships and state championships. Glas is also a DSB 2009 national champion in bullseye shooting with 45 ACP, and a regular multiple top final shooter.

“Hornady offers high quality ammunition and bullets I can trust,” said Glas. “Nothing compares to the accuracy, consistency, and reliability I find from Hornady® products. It’s what I expect and demand in shooting competitions.” -Thomas Glas

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