Dianna (Liedorff) Muller

Dianna (Liedorff) Muller was introduced to pistol competitions prior to 1992 before becoming a Police Officer in Tulsa, OK. She is currently a CLEET and USSA certified firearms instructor and continues to serve the citizens of Tulsa.

After a long break, Dianna busted back onto the competitive scene in 2009 and was quickly picked up by Team FNH-USA in 2010, where she continues to excel in multi-gun competitions. To date Dianna has numerous high lady titles and was most recently crowned the 2013 USPSA Multi-Gun Open Ladies Champion.

You may have noticed Dianna in the NRA "American Warrior" magazine, on "Shooting Gallery’s" Duel in the Sun on the Outdoor Channel, or on the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series on the Sportsman channel.  Hornady is excited to welcome another one of the nation’s top female shooters to the team.

“Shooting competitively has always been about reducing variables. Using Hornady rifle and pistol ammo allows me one less variable to worry about and gives me the edge I need to be competitive on the national level. It took me a year of shooting multi-gun to understand ballistics and that all ammo is NOT created equal. Hornady quality equals accuracy, reliability and consistency, and that makes me a happy girl!” -Dianna (Liedorff) Muller

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