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Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Category: SSTŪ

Product: 300 Win Mag 150 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Jared

Posted: Jun 20, 2011

The first thing I must say about Hronady ammunition is “unbelievable!” All of these beautiful animals were taken using a variety different caliber rifles, and ammunition. Each one was checked by the Wyoming Game and Fish officer who watched us from the ridge top from morning to the early afternoon. Each antelope was taken legally, in their natural habitat, and in a fair chase hunt. They were not taken on a game farm, but a cattle ranch which consists of about 40,000 acres. I snapped a picture of our harvest on opening morning, and never realized an empty box of Hronady rounds which is located just left of the center of my dad’s truck. This was not a staged photo, and I couldn’t believe it when I reviewed the photos upon my return. I’ve used many different rounds form just about all of the most common manufactures. I have been searching for a factory load that has the “total package”, and I found it within Hornady’s SST rounds. I wanted to find a bullet that can be used for all big game hunting. I shoot a 300 Win Mag, and my desired Hornady round is the 150gr SST. As a long range shooter its performance is unmatched. This may sound a little crazy, but the more animals I successfully took, the more interested my friends and family members became. Now my dad, brothers, and a few friends are convinced of the actual performance of Hornady’s ammunition. It’s all I shoot, whether it’s at paper or a game animal.