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V-Max VS. Prairiedogs at over 700yds

Category: .224 22 CAL

Product: 22 Cal .224 60 gr V-MAX®

Shooter: Elliot Hord

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

For 2 years I had hoped to get back out and test my Stag model 6 AR on prairie dogs. I still had alot of custom loads leftover from a shoot 2 years earlier using Hornady's 60 gr. V-MAX bullets. This trip was the first father and son hunting trip, and we were not disappointed! Two 10 hour days in the field shooting in a valley that stretched out and was dense with the critters.
The shooting never stopped until we needed to reload, or take a break to eat. Sleeping in the open back of the truck, cooking most meals on a small stove. The hightlight of the shoot was my 12 yr old son's shot he made at 500 yds. I was also stretching the legs of my AR with a 610 yd shot the first day. The second day we went back to the same valley and the praire dogs were still everywhere! The second day I bested my own longest shot with a 782 yard confirmed kill. One of 3 kills I made that day over 700 yds. With a little help from a constant but slight breeze out of the northeast, dry, dusty ground that helped me call my own shots. And of course my 12 yr old shooting buddy that I am proud of. He has become pretty handy with a .45, and was dissapointed we did not see any rattlesnakes, Me I was VERY relieved! (photo credit Nicholas Hord) Big thanks to Hornady,...the last thing that went though their minds was the red polymer tip of a V-MAX round!