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Unusual Heart Shot

Category: LEVERevolution®

Product: 30-30 Win 160 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

Shooter: Michael Stogre

Posted: Aug 30, 2012

It was opening morning of the 2011 rifle season for deer in zone 42 of Northern Ontario. About 9.a.m a young buck came running through a hydro line. I was seated high up on a rock in a ground blind. The deer screeched to a halt and turned facing me head on. I waited but it did not turn broadside or quartering away. So I decided to take the neck shot.

The deer lunged forward and headed for a trail off to the side of the hydro line. I soon was down the hill and found the deer a short distance away. When I dressed the deer I noticed the hole in the heart! It was made by a 30-30 160 grain FTX LEVERevolution bullet. It was my first shot with this bullet. It won't be my last!