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Category: Superformance® Slugs

Product: 12 GA SST® 300 gr FTX® Slug

Shooter: Dustin & Bruce

Posted: Jan 18, 2011

I had placed my oldest in a blind and went to my stand which was 100 yds away on a clear cut, as soon as I climbed the tree and put on my mask I heard him shoot. He sent a text saying he shot a doe, so I told him to just stay and 5 minutes later he shot again. The buck he shot at, jumped his trigger and stomped the ground, blew and walked off into the woods (my son only had two rounds). I told him to take the deer back and I was gonna stay till dark, but when he walked up to the deer it stood up so I went to his aid. I took my Hornady ammo out of my 30/30 because I didn't want to waste it on a deer already shot. I was at 130 yds away and shot, but hit a bush beside the deer. I then saw where the deer was exactly so I fired two more rounds, (I admit that I did have the shakes) so I loaded my last round which was the Hornady, sat down and took a calm shot. The deer ran 2 feet and fell. We went to get it and it stood up and being out of ammo I had to use my bowie knife to finish the job. Once that was done we started looking at his doe and discovered that he had shot it in the top of the head and the bullet exited from the back of the ear and once more discovered the deer had stood there and took 3 shots to the shoulder and didnt move till the last bullet was sent which was the Hornady, (he had made the first shot with the Hornady 12 guage slug at 125 yds with no drop. I can honestly say that of all the bullets I fired that the Hornady was the one that made this a day to remember and a story to pass on. My youngest is in the middle, he helped with drag. THANKS.