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Two Rowland Ward Livingstone Eland, one deadly bullet

Category: .416 416 CAL

Product: 416 Cal .416 400 gr InterLock® RN

Shooter: Heinrich Stoltz

Posted: May 24, 2011

I have been using the Hornady InterLock in my .416 Rigby Ruger No1 for a couple of hunting seasons and they have delivered every time.

During my 2009 hunting season I bagged a 1918 lbs Livingstone Eland Bull with my .416 Rigby and a 400 gr Hornady InterLock. All that was required was a single shot. The horns measured nearly 39" and guaranteed me my first Livingstone Eland Rowland Ward. The recovered bullet being 360 gr of the original 400 gr.

For my 2011 hunting season, I returned to my old haunts in the Vivo District of South Africa and again with the deadly combination of the Ruger No1 and the Hornady handloads. This time the 400 gr delivered me a 1990 lbs Livingstone Eland bull and it stretched the tape just over 39" to deliver me my second Rowland Ward for Livingstone Eland. The recovered bullet was 355 gr of the original 400 gr.

Thanks to my trusty Ruger in .416 Rigby and the reliable deadly Hornady InterLock I have managed to bag two very elusive Rowland Ward trophies within a very short period of time.