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Category: Miscellaneous

Product: Case Activated Powder Drop 1 Each

Shooter: Thomas Bochinski

Posted: Mar 2, 2013

Hey to all,
My name is Thomas B. and I live in Germany. Since 1981 I have been a recreational shooter. My favorite is IPSC-shooting division Standard in .40S&W
as well as range officer international. Through this work I am on many matches on the road, and so can only tell everybody to protect themselves when we talk about products.

Hornady is known for its quality all over Europe and I think "around a world". This year I will be shooting on the IPSC-Europe Championship in Portugal. Naturally I will be taking Hornady bullets and will recommend Hornady bullets to other shooters because they have the best precision.

I am proud that I may be in the Hornady team.
Thomas B

See you on range!!!!!