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Stopped dead in its tracks

Category: .357 38 Cal

Product: 38 Cal .357 140 gr FTX® (357 Mag)

Shooter: Tim Dempsey

Posted: Jan 6, 2013

I have had alot of luck with .357 mag in a rifle. Every deer I have shot with it has died within 30 yards but this one fell right over. I used the LEVERevolution type bullet 140 grain. It was blizzard conditions that day and the deer came on me quick. I barely had enough time to get a shot off before it was too late. I am beginning to reload ammo and would like to see the FTX type in the heavier bullets for each caliber. Since real high powered rifles aren't legal were I live I will continue to use this setup. Handgun ammo in a rifle is plenty enough for whiteltails.