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Category: Superformance® Slugs

Product: 20 GA SST® Slug 250 gr SST®

Shooter: RandyLawrence

Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Last year, I had to send some SST slugs back to you because I had one that after 4 drops of the hammer in my T/C Pro-Hunter, would not shoot. It cost me a big non-typical buck whom I have since named "Lucky". You folks sent me out some replacement slugs which I saved for this year's deer season.

Well, on the 8 th of November, I had a Two Buck Tuesday, just like KFC!!!

First thing Tuesday morning I shot a small eight point 150 lb. buck that had broken two points off of his antlers. At about 80 yards. Dropped him in his tracks.

Then Tuesday afternoon it got super foggy out. Couldn't see but 100 yards. When out of the gloom comes a big eight point / 300 lb. buck. I had to shoot him straight on in the neck at 85 yards. Your SST slug dropped him like he was hit by a train.

It really is "Rocket Science"...

Now all I need is a T-shirt that sports that logo.

Well done folks.
I love using your ammunition.

Thank you so much,