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Category: InterLock®

Product: 35 Cal .358 200 gr InterLock® SP-RP

Shooter: A.J. Angelloz

Posted: Nov 16, 2012

I returned from a culling hunt in Namibia at the end of June where I used the .358STA with Hornadys 200 gr. to shoot everything from Warthogs to Eland. We recovered numerous bullets and the PH and I were both impressed with the way they penatrated and stayed together even at close range and high velosity.

Just last weekend I hunted Nilgai in South Texas using my .50 cal. Hawkin Black Powder rifle with 300gr. XTP. This was the first time anyone had hunted Nilgai on this ranch with a Black Powder rifle. I had a one shot kill of a good bull at just under 100 yds and recovered the bullet under the skin on the off side shoulder. A text book mushroom and a 95% wt. retention.

After over 40 years of reloading, I have and still do load several bullet brands but Horandy is fast becoming my preference.