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Perfect Bullet performance

Category: GMX®

Product: 30 Cal .308 165 gr GMX®

Shooter: Ray

Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Let me start by saying I have used and then hand loaded Hornady rifle ammo and bullets for 25 years. I had been using the SST then moved to the GMX rounds to test on my hunting trips. I load all rifle calibers from 25-06 up to 300 Mag for my friends. I could not find a factory 300 WSM load to test first so I hand loaded the .30 cal 165 GMX with my load for the 300 WSM 165 Grain SST. My friend used my rifle and that load to take a Large bodied Mule deer here in northern Nevada this year. This was only his second year hunting so the large 3X3 was 427 yards away from him on his third shot. Though I was mad about the placement of that third round, I had to write to tell you how your GMX preformed. The 165 GMX loaded with 63.0 grains of VihtaVuori N550 powder going 3150 FPS through the chrono hit the Large 3x3 Mule deer in the right rear quarter, traveled through the body and through the left front shoulder bone and stopped just under the skin in the center of the left front shoulder. This is perfect and I recovered the pictured bullet from that shoulder which also shows perfect bullet performance. I just had to let you now that I tell everyone the story and show them this round to prove it. Thanks for a great product and keep them coming. Thank you, Roger Cole in Las Vegas Nevada